- NEW: air refueling with the Airbus A330 MRT
- NEW: "Striker" Data helmet with display
- NEW: ground collision warning system pull-up announcement

- Interactive mitfliegender wingman
- Single-seat and two-seat variant of the Eurofighters

- Variable (individual) ID Aircraft identifiers German Eurofighter
- German Armed with individual ATC - ID
- ID idents from 00 + 00 until 99 + 99
=> example: 30 + 11 is a ID from Laage in Germany

Outdoor Model

- NEW: shedding of flare, Shaff
- NEW: extending, retracting, cut decoy missile defense
- NEW: More outdoor model, hull structure, formation lamps
- NEW: convergent-divergent exhaust nozzle
- NEW: Movable inlet lips subsonic: startup, high angle of attack
- NEW: Laser Warning System (RAF Eurofighter)
- NEW: cockpit hood with sensor strips

- STOR Page selection: Meteor, IRIS-T, TAURUS,
=> Paveway III, AGM-65 Maverick, ALARM
- STOR Page Selection: 1, 2 or 3 additional tanks
=> at three stations with 1,000 liters of fuel
- A 27 mm Mauser BK-27 cannon 150 rounds of ammunition
- Animations: Catch rakes, drag chute, air refueling,
=> Head, Radom, MAN tractors
- Lighting: formation, strobe, beacon, navigation, landing
- Effects: afterburner, cockpit light, rear view mirror
- Maintenance panel for ground staff
- Real-acting dirt and scuff marks

- Canards in the subsonic
=> Compensate synchronous flutter instability to
- Canards in the supersonic - blocked at 0 ° (German software)
- Flaperons ailerons, flaps automatically
- Flaperons supersonic, only the inner flaperons are active
- >> to shop ... on a Screenshot ⇓

VC cockpit

- NEW: ejection seat with safety switch
- NEW: push lever joystick with HOTAS principle
- NEW: 3D elements such as Parking Brake, cockpit frame,
- NEW: "Striker" Data helmet with display
- NEW: two-seater with Eject priority switch

- Animation VC cockpit: air refueling, brake parachute
- Canopy ventilation system and open / close sound
- MHDDs, HUD display, Pedallen, ejection seat, control stick
- Panel with consoles, GPS, MHDD's, Engines Pages
- VC cockpit: one seater, two seater, front and rear


- NEW: HEA (Head Equipment Assembly) helmet display
- NEW: APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)
- NEW: engine switches on the thrust levers (engines start)
- NEW: DRF (Disorientation Recovery Facility)
=> panic button for flight stabilization
- NEW: Digital diode displays, as in the real Eurofighter
- NEW: HUD (Head Up Display) Track, Heading, Power switch
- NEW: SGP (Set waypoint)
- NEW: DASS (Defensive Aids Subsystem)
- NEW: Subkey menu - MIDS, XPDR, NAV, autopilot,
=> Freq That, Misc and SWP
- NEW: artificial. Horizon, AOA, waypoints/ distance
- NEW: MIDS (Multi Information Display System)
- NEW: MHDD (Multi Head Down Display) ON-OFF switch
- NEW: average digital displays for engines, spark and fuel
- NEW: digital transponder, the Germans only with INT - XPDR

- HUD: among others, ladder, compass with "next waypoint",
=> heading, Mach, TAS, IAS, AOA and OMI
- MHDD left: Start display (Autocue), radar (AI traffic radar)
- MHDD middle: navigation display with HSI, 2 VOR,
=> 2 DMS, ADF, compass rose and map, as well as C / D Ball
- MHDD right: display system - FUEL, ENGines, HYDraulics,
=> FREQenzen, WPT, STOR and THAT
- Page Fuel: Fuel management at different auxiliary tanks
- WPT (waypoint) Page: distances fuel management
- STOR Page: selection of weapons and external fuel tanks
- PROC Page: ON / OFF: wingman, radom, director, truck
- Warning panel with priority for red
- MIDS - data from airfields, distance, slope length, etc.
- That: control of the decoy, dropping 32 flare, chaff 320
- SWP: waypoint input and distances and fuel management
- Misc: Stopwatch and icons such as MAP and ATC
- Automatic Checklists for takeoff, flight and landing
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Panel & virtual cockpit ⇓

Additional product - Features:

- NEW: automatic 9g power limit
- NEW: sound for pull up, stall, Gear Warning
- NEW: engine sound outside and cockpit

- Stable flight model with Autotrimmung.
- Full description for beginners, intermediate and advanced
- Manual including cutaways, cockpit draws, dates


- Germany Bundeswehr: TaktLwG. 73/74/31 / special liveries
- Royal Airforce: 3.Sqn / 11.Sqn / 17.Sqn / 29.Sqn / special
- Italy Airforce: 4 ° Stormo Grosetto
- Spanish Airforce: Ala 11
- Zeltweg Austria
- Saudi Arabia
- Indian Air Force
- Prototypes
- Texture for Repainter

New special repaints ⇓

The Eurofighter is a single-seat, twin-engine, agile combat aircraft which will be used in the air-to-air, air-to-ground and tactical reconnaissance roles. Developed by Europe’s leading aerospace companies, Eurofighter Typhoon is now in service with the Air Forces of Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom and will fulfil Air Force requirements well into the 21st Century. Aircraft production is ongoing and with 638 aircraft under contract to the four Partner Nations and Austria, as the first export customer. The design of Eurofighter Typhoon is optimised for air dominance performance with high instantaneous and sustained turn rates, and specific excess power. Special emphasis has been placed on low wing loading, high thrust to weight ratio, excellent all round vision and carefree handling.

The weapon system Eurofighter is a high performance fighter aircraft for use in both air defense and in the air assault role. The Eurofighter is a multi-role combat aircraft of the latest generation. In the Air Forces releases from the Eurofighter of MiG-29 Fulcrum and F-4F Phantom II and a large part of the Tornado fighter bomber. Through its ability to network-centric operations, there is a close association with both its own air, land and naval forces as well as with those used military allies. In action ensures superior effectiveness of the weapon system for air combat and scope to larger distances (beyond visual range) to protect its own forces and resources and increase the enforcement of the related air operations. This effect can produce the weapon system during the day and night and under all weather conditions and in complex scenarios. Currently, the Air Force uses the Eurofighter in the air defense role. By 2012, the multi-role capability of the weapon system be established.

In developing the Eurofighter, the demand was as fast as possible targets, even at great distances to reach the foreground. Therefore, the Eurofighter was designed for a minimum weight for high thrust out. The engines generate enough energy to even without an afterburner to fly at supersonic speed. Positive side effect the very good relationship between thrust and weight, is to be dispensed during normal flight operations to the use of the afterburner for takeoff. This results in lower noise and lower Schadstoffemisionen also in reduced fuel consumption. The Eurofighter comes in two versions as one-and two-seater built, whose external dimensions are the same. >> to shop ...

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