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World & Sky, mosaic - new cirrus clouds
The "World & Mosaic" scenery contains an all included package of new global textures with a new mosaic technique. The normal resolution is 4.7 m per pixel. With the application of pixel-perfect mosaic series, the resolution is doubled. For example, all roads / paths / buildings calculated and set exactly to the width of 4.7 m. The result is a dense Photo Texture with a very high sharpness.

New in version 4 Download Scenery, FSX, FS2004, Flight Simulator

  • Cirrus clouds
  • Ultra-sharp mosaic textures
  • Last night and winter textures
  • MipMaps with aerial horizon
  • 500 new real photo building textures
  • Mosaic of towns, villages, fields

New World textures in mosaic form

  • Towns, villages and field textures
  • Roads and paths in mosaic
  • Houses and land with precise demarcation
  • Fields with sophisticated sharpness grid
  • More than 2000 mosaic textures for all seasons
  • Over 200 different parks
  • Over 70 different parking
  • Over 500 different shopping centers
  • About 5 different road tunnel
  • Over 5000 different residential blocks
  • Over 1000 different industrial areas
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For remote display, all textures are provided with specially designed mipmaps. They slide neatly over the horizon. MipMaps is an anti- aliasing technique for textures. It contributes significantly to the improvement of image quality and speed. Especially on slower PC systems is to feel the better speed ( frame rate). Download Scenery, FSX, FS2004, Flight Simulator

New world textures with sophisticated sharpness grid
New light textures for the night flight

  • Forests, meadows with lightening mipmaps: horizon resolution
  • Steppes, deserts with reddish becoming mipmaps: desert climate
  • Mountains, glacier with lower contrast mipmaps: cold climate
  • Over 1700 sharpness raster textures for all seasons
  • Towns, villages with a great night atmosphere
  • Roads with new lantern lighting
  • Beam of motor vehicles.
  • About 2000 light textures for all seasons

The sharpness is supported by accurate placement of autogenous buildings and trees with the help of the program SDK Annotator from Microsoft. Perfect fit the maximum possible 300 buildings and 600 trees per texture are set. The arrangement is very dense and varied. All types of buildings , such as tall buildings , townhouses , factories , gas stations, churches, etc. are arranged exactly.

New autogenous Annotator files (.agn)
Autogenous setting of buildings and plants

  • Up to 300 buildings and 600 plants per Texture: High detail effect
  • Precise setting of the buildings on the demarcating land
  • Perfect setting the plants on forest land: deciduous forest.
  • Precise setting of palm trees and cacti: steppes and
  • Highways & road textures with visible vehicles
  • Varied buildings , such as houses, skyscrapers , factories,
  • => gas stations, schools, swimming pools and churches
  • Different for all seasons and for all regions of the earth
  • There is a unique photo-realistic representation
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It will be the default autogen textures replaced with new improved Airport & City textures, such as Hangers or skyscrapers. The new textures awaken all your cities and airports throughout the world standard for new life.

New autogenous airport textures

  • Runway and taxiways with new details
  • Asphalt and concrete surfaces with 1024 px
  • Shelters, airport buildings and terminals
  • Airport roofs
  • Radar towers and VOR stations
  • Autogenous Grass textures
  • => authentic atmosphere of the airport
  • Mipmaps for sharp remote display
  • Download Scenery, FSX, FS2004, Flight Simulator

New autogenous city textures

  • Over 600 autogenous building textures
  • High-resolution facades
  • Houses, skyscrapers , factories
  • Family hHouses
  • High resolution roofs
  • High Resolution Library building , such as:
  • => schools, churches , power stations , water towers
  • Roads and highways
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The term "Texture" Mapping (about German design) refers to a method of 3D computer graphics. It is used with two-dimensional images of three-dimensional surface models of the surfaces - the so-called "textures" equip. Textures can be 3D objects appear more detailed and more realistic without the 3D buildings must be even refined. By calculation friendly mipmap textures, the speed (frame rate) is significantly improved. Especially on slower PC systems is to feel the better frame rate. Download Scenery, FSX, FS2004, Flight Simulator.

New night - light - textures

  • Towns, villages with a great night atmosphere
  • Spectacular night lighting with light map textures
  • High-resolution window Lighting
  • Roads and highways with light cones of motor vehicles

New autogenous plant textures

  • 49 plants make your simulator to a living world
  • Different for all seasons and for all regions of the earth
  • Conifers, deciduous trees
  • Dry shrubs for steppe
  • Cacti
  • Photo Realistic grass
  • Download Scenery, FSX, FS2004, Flight Simulator
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The program SDK Weather Theme by Microsoft new weather themes with complex clouds and air circulation are created. With sophisticated alpha textures the clouds are simulated reality very good.

New weather themes , photo realistic clouds and sky structures

  • Cumulus , stratus and cirrus clouds
  • 111 autogenous sky textures
  • Sunrise and sunset effects
  • Sun effects for 4 different seasons
  • Simulation of an ideal weathercyclon
  • 8 AFS weather topics for the summer and winter time
  • Download Scenery, FSX, FS2004, Flight Simulator

The water textures, such as the oceans, are provided with mipmap textures, so that the remote representation becoming beautiful passes light in the horizon. The calculation friendly mipmap textures improve the speed ( frame rate) significantly. Especially on slower PC systems is to feel the higher frame rate.

New water effects and water textures

  • Oceans , seas, lakes
  • 72 new very photo-realistic water textures
  • Widened breathtaking river Texture
  • Mirror effects of the water
  • => sunshine, cloudy, twilight and night
  • Different water textures with blue and green colors
  • Sharp water details at low altitude over water
  • Water waves arranged closely photorealistic
  • Custom built mipmaps for about conducting
  • => remote representation to the horizon
  • Download Scenery, FSX, FS2004, Flight Simulator
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